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Dulce Vista

Letters of a Stercoparlant

A~Ni C.
19 December 1986
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This journal is for putting to the view of an audience my writings. Enjoy, and if you want to support my work, please donate. Thank you all!

adult swim, alan moore, aldous huxley, aleister crowly, anarchism, anime, anthony burgess, armageddon, asian horror films, astrophysics, azure ray, b-films, bauhaus, beethoven, black flag, body modification, brett easton ellis, briane greene, burzum, charles baudelaire, chocolate, christian death, chuck palanhiuk, cocoa puffs, cradle of filth, dada, death, death rock, decadence, dir en grey, drunkness, edgar allan poe, elliott smith, ernest hemingway, erotica, existensialism, frank miller, french, friedrich nietzsche, fucking, futurism, fyodor dostoevski, gabriel garcia marquez, gnosticism, good friends, gore vidal, grant morrison, h.r. giger, hate, heavy metal, hide, hinduism, horror, hunter s. thompson, impressionism, interpol, isaac asimov, japanese jidaegeki films, johnny cash, jorge luis borges, kicking things, kung fu films, lemmy kilmister, lewis carrol, literature, love, malice mizer, marilyn manson, mark z. danielewski, mayan mythology, memories, ministry, motorhead, mozart, neil gaiman, nietzsche, noam chomsky, octavio paz, oscar wilde, pablo neruda, paul krugman, paulo coehlo, philip k. dick, piercings, poetry, post-apocalyptic views, post-impressionism, punk rock, rammstein, ray bradburry, reveries, rimbaud, rollins band, salvador dali, self-, self-destruction, self-loathing, sequential art, shadows and light, shakespeare, sisters of mercy, spanish, surrealism, sylvia plath, tattoos, the apocalypse, the kovenant, the sandman, thelema, thomas de quincey, tolstoi, torture devices, tragedy, tsutomo nihei, type o negative, ultraviolence, visual kei, vodka, william butler yeats, william faulkner, william gibson, william s. burroughs, writing, zombie movies, zombies